First Visit Guide

First Visit Guide – Here are the guides for your first visit.

1. Bring all your past medical reports, MRI, CT-test, X-ray, and the list of your modern-day medicines (prescriptions, over the counter drugs, herbs, nutrients, and dietary supplements).

2. Eat the light meal, don’t be hungry however don’t eat an excessive amount of food or drink alcohol before your treatment period.

3. Don’t brush your tongue coating, So your acupuncture practitioner can see your actual tongue coating for better treatment.

First Visit Guide

4. Don’t do makeup, So your acupuncture practitioner can see your actual facial, lips and nail color.

5. Wear loose garment, a pant that can easily pull up over to your knee.

6. Your Financial Information: Your insurance information, photo identification. Everyone’s insurance is different, so ask your insurance company about your specific plan Whether your insurance plan covers the treatment by licensed Acupuncturist in your state or not?

7. Your will be paid by your insurance plan(if accepted), cash, check or credit card with tax and processing fee.